Bliss (Promo) Poster
Troubled and without ambition, a photographer escapes reality through a series of visually stunning dreams to be with the love of his life.

what if you could be with the person you loved in your dreams? what if you could revisit the times you remember most with them? if that life only existed while you were asleep. how often would you wanna be awake?
the brainchild of lafayette native, cason aycock, conceived in 2006 while attending slcc. bliss was at the time an experimental short for the lafayette visionary; a product of hard work and favors. Aycock learned from his relentless hours of shooting and dedication that year.

view experimental footage*
*This footage should not to be misinterpreted as the feature "bliss" set for production in 2010.

bliss is now being brought back to be shot as a feature here in louisiana, using an entirely indigenous team. we will be looking for local talent to be involved on all levels of this production. check back often as we will be providing a means for you to become part of this production through postings on this site.
written by: cason aycock & hunter burke
director: cason aycock
producer: john gerdsen
dp: brian c. miller richard
format: 4k 24FPS
aspect: 2:35:1
camera: red one
lenses: panavision
running time: N/A